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This is a skate deck design I created using my first Wacom tablet. I created this for a contest being held in my class where the best designed skate deck would be chosen and actually printed on to a real skateboard. The competition was really tough but in the end I ended up winning the contest.


Event Poster

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This is a conceptual poster I made about a designer named Don Pendleton if he were to hold a lecture at Full Sail University. I designed this poster to reflect his style by adopting the patterns he uses and scattering them through out the poster. I also created a character to represent him in the center of the image.

James and the Giant Peach Redesign

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This is a redesign of James and the Giant Peach, a book written by Roald Dahl. I decided to redesign this book because I really liked the movie; I also really liked reading the book when I was younger. Although it’s a book that was meant for young children I wanted to try giving it a more realistic and dream/nightmare like feel. I also feel that an adult would be more likely buy the book and more so have the money to spend on the book then kid that would rather buy toys or candy.



For this redesign I didn’t want to just plop on the text where I felt it would look the best. I tried to layout the cover in a way that would allow the copy and illustrations to compliment each other. So I laid the text in alignment with the illustration, I tried to line every thing out on both the x and y-axis so that they didn’t merely align with just one point on an image/copy but with two or more points in the image.




Article layout “The End of Illusion and The Last Guerrilla”

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(All the men in this layout are outlines of myself.)

Please don’t post about the article it was not written by me. Post only about the illustrations, text layout, and overall design.


I made this two page spread for my Advanced Computer Graphics class. The goal was to design an image inspired by an article. The article I chose to design was an article about the conflict in Colombia concerning guerrillas. I didn’t add the article to the image at that point since that wasn’t what was required for that project. I only added the actual article for my Critique Structures class project that had us take a previous design, critique it, then apply them to further enhance the image we brought in. It took a little while to layout the text properly but I feel it was worth the time.

The original piece I had made for Advanced Computer Graphics.

The original piece I had made for Advanced Computer Graphics.



Command V Poster

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This piece is a project I made for typography. The goal was to make an event poster while keeping layout in mind, which makes sense since it is a typography class. One other restriction given to us was to make the title of the image by hand or by Illustrator. While it was fine to use images in this project, I felt like I should test my self by just using type to design this poster. I wanted to see if my choice of font, color, size, and layout would be able to stand without the use of an image.

I decided to make a poster about an event that had taken place at my school a couple days back, called Command V. Command V was an event held at Full Sail where both the instructors and students were able to compete to see who was the better designer. The rules were simple, first they were given a word a couple days before the event, and in this case the word was “Voting”, then at the event they are given only one hour to make a design that would garner a win via audience votes.

Taking the event into account and by also adding the restrictions that were given to me in addition to the ones I had placed on myself, came a poster that I believe turned out very well. If anything I wish the event hadn’t already taken place, so that I would have been able to turn my poster in to see if the school would have approved printing them out for use to advertise the event.