James and the Giant Peach Redesign

This is a redesign of James and the Giant Peach, a book written by Roald Dahl. I decided to redesign this book because I really liked the movie; I also really liked reading the book when I was younger. Although it’s a book that was meant for young children I wanted to try giving it a more realistic and dream/nightmare like feel. I also feel that an adult would be more likely buy the book and more so have the money to spend on the book then kid that would rather buy toys or candy.



For this redesign I didn’t want to just plop on the text where I felt it would look the best. I tried to layout the cover in a way that would allow the copy and illustrations to compliment each other. So I laid the text in alignment with the illustration, I tried to line every thing out on both the x and y-axis so that they didn’t merely align with just one point on an image/copy but with two or more points in the image.





~ by kriszabala on August 1, 2008.

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